November 4, 2022

Food Safety with Hygienically Constructed Equipment Built to Sanitary Design

Don’t miss this live webcast hosted by the International Food safety & Quality network and learn why sanitary design, together with IP69 and hygienic construction, create the best combination for industrial food equipment.



Date and time

Friday, November 4, 2022

10:00 AM EST

Join Eagle’s R&D Engineering Manager as he discusses the 10 principles of sanitary design and how these principles build a better foundation for industrial food equipment. He will explain how equipment hygienically constructed to sanitary design reduces the potential of food borne illnesses, lessens time spent on sanitation duties and increases overall line efficiency.



Mike Evans

R&D Engineering Manager

Mike Evans, R&D Engineering Manager at Eagle Product Inspection, is responsible for the safe and hygienic design of x-ray machines for use in the food and beverage industries. With more than 20 years of combined leadership and engineering for industrial food equipment, he manages a team of eight engineers focusing on new product development and current product maintenance and equipment support. He is one of the key contributors to the development of the Mettler Toledo Hygienic Design Guide, and his experience includes design leadership roles with industry leaders such as Eagle Product Inspection and Marel. Mike holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University.

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