PXT™ Performance X-ray Technology

NEW Industry Standard in X-ray Detection Technology

For over 20 years, Eagle’s expertise in single and dual energy technologies have been the proven standard in x-ray detection across the global food industry. Eagle’s newest PXT™ solution is the latest advancement for x-ray detection. This breakthrough technology offers significant proven performance for superior detection of bones down to 1 mm for a wide range of poultry processing applications.

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PXT™ enables poultry processors to obtain much higher resolution images by capturing more detailed data about the product being inspected than has previously been possible. When these images are instantly processed by Eagle’s advanced image analysis software, SimulTask PRO™, you’ll see an increase in detection accuracy and significantly reduced false reject rates. Learn more in our detailed brochure.

Superior Return of Investment

PXT™’s radically enhanced x-ray inspection technology provides unmatched performance for the next generation of poultry processing. Beyond that, with the new PXT™ technology you will ultimately get a superior return on your investment, including:

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