Eagle offers a range of inspection solutions to meet application needs for the most challenging dairy products.

Inspect more, and expect more. Advance with Eagle. Find out for yourself how Eagle’s advanced inspection systems for dairy can deliver improved product safety and cost-effective solutions that make sense for your bottom line.

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Eagle’s team can inspect all types of dairy products, such as bulk, packaged, unpackaged, and rigid vertical containers. From sliced ​​cheese, in bulk and grated to spreads, yogurt , milk and milk powder, Eagle has a solution for each of your needs. Eagle offers advanced contaminant detection and top-level online quality checks, including filling level, mass measurement, detection of hollow areas, component counting and packaging integrity, as well as better product traceability with our products. intelligent software solutions. Eagle can meet the requirements of dairy producers around the world.

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Ensure the safety and integrity of your dairy products with Eagle

Eagle helps dairy product manufacturers ensure the safety and integrity of their products and meet worldwide compliance standards. Now our systems meet 3-A standards for dairy products, so customers can be sure that we meet the highest industry standards.