For over 20 years, Eagle has provided advanced inline detection and inspection technologies for the poultry industry. We understand the different challenges inherent to the industry, especially regarding detection of bones with x-ray inspection.


Learn about our new PXT™ technology and visit our resource hub for more information. 

Our superior inline poultry solutions provide:

  • Advanced detection: reliable detection of the smallest bone fragments down to 1 mm with the combination of our breakthrough detector technology, PXT™ , and our superior image analysis software SimulTask™ PRO
  • Lower false rejects: meaning less product rework resulting in reduced labor requirements
  • Unmatched versatility: all forms of poultry, from fresh or frozen, bulk flow to retail packages and from single to multi-lane processing lines
  • Lowest total cost of ownership: maximum uptime and simplicity of operation combine to improve throughput and minimize total cost of operation
  • Superior return of investment: unrivalled product safety, exceptional quality, improved processes, enhanced system versatility and reduced operating costs.

Discover our broad range of solutions with significant proven performance for superior detection of bones and other contaminants for various poultry processing applications, including:



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