Bone-in Products

Eagle Product Inspection provides x-ray inspection food solutions which are capable of inspecting complete sections of meat with the bone in, such as hams.

In addition to detecting a wide range of foreign bodies, including metal contaminants in meat products, such as needles, our x-ray inspection equipment can simultaneously measure the fat content of meat sections with the bone in. That’s because within our proprietary advanced image analysis software Simultask™ PRO there is a bone-in filter which allows the bone to be filtered off from the image, improving measurement accuracy.

X-ray inspection and fat analysis red meat FA3 Series system

FA3 Series

The Eagle™ FA3 series x-ray systems analyze fat, protein and moisture content, provide accurate chemical lean and mas…

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Eagle RMI3 x-ray system hygienic design red meat inspection

RMI3 Series

Specifically designed to operate in harsh washdown environments and while ensuring quality product inspection and con…

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Pack 400 HC

Inspection of products packaged in plastic containers, cartons/boxes, pouches, bags/sacks as well as trays and tubes;…

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X-ray machine for food inspection Eagle Pack 240 HC

Pack 240 HC

The Eagle Pack 240 HC is a compact high performance inspection system built for fresh, refrigerated or frozen package…

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