Ground Products

An accurate and fast standardization process is vital for manufacturers of minced meat products. We offer end of line x-ray systems for detection of metal, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone and high-density plastics and rubber contaminants, ensuring products are safe for consumption and the correct weight. Machines are capable of inspecting ground meat in a variety of packaging types, including chubs.

Our inline fat measurement systems can help meat processors gain maximum control of their ground meat production and ensure that the fat content on product labels is correct.

The benefits of installing one of our fat analysis (FA) systems include:

  • Increased  yield
  • Optimization of raw material use
  • Precise recipe composition of batches
  • Increased line efficiency
  • Customer retention, resulting from improved final product consistency and quality
  • Prevention of contaminants in final products and damage to processing equipment
  • The ability to demand best performance from suppliers (this is a benefit for meat processors)
  • Reduction of fat claims from meat processors (this is a benefit for slaughterhouses)

The fat analysis and x-ray inspection systems below are excellent for inspecting ground meat products.

We also offer FA solutions for use in recipe management and incoming meat inspection applications relevant to ground product inspection.