Eagle x-ray inspection systems detect contaminants in a wide variety of food and pharmaceutical applications packaged in pouches for products such as baby food, sauces, rice, condiments and pet food. Our machines are even capable of finding hidden contaminants in the crevices of the packaging, and foil and metalized pouches have no effect on the sensitivity of foreign body detection.

Eagle Pack 430 PRO x-ray inspection system

Pack 430 PRO

Inspection of mid-sized packaged products and multi-lane applications in the food and pharma industries, with multipl…

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Eagle Pack 1000 PRO x-ray system for big packaged products

Pack 1000 PRO

The Eagle Pack 1000 PRO performs x-ray inspection of large boxes of multiple, individually-wrapped products in the fo…

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Eagle Tall PRO XSDV for x-ray inspection of glass jars and cans


The Eagle™ Tall PRO XSDV provides 100% inspection for contaminants in rigid containers such as cans, bottles, and jar…

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Eagle Tall PRO XS x-ray inspection system for tall rigid containers


This is a compact version of the Tall PRO X, offering multiple x-ray inspection capabilities for high-speed canned, g…

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