Eagle™ Pack 240 HC

The Eagle Pack 240 HC is a compact high performance x-ray inspection system designed for easy cleaning in harsh washdown environments for fresh refrigerated or frozen packaged meat, poultry, dairy and other food applications where daily sanitization of equipment is mandatory.

An advanced x-ray inspection system designed to meet the industry’s strict requirements for compliance with retailers’ stringent specifications and food safety regulations. The Pack 240 HC provides superior contamination detection and rejection of foreign body materials such as:

Available with an extended infeed section which ensures long products, such as chubs, are stable once they have transitioned to the belt delivering highly accurate results. It is ideal for inspecting a wide variety of packaging formats including:

With its advanced inspection software SimulTask™ PRO, the system can also simultaneously perform quality control checks such as:

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Optional Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) dual-energy technology which increases contaminant detection in difficult product applications
  • Proprietary SimulTask™ PRO software which ensures compliance with HACCP principles and global safety regulations by providing on-screen diagnostics, advanced image analysis, quality assurance traceability and filler feedback to eliminate product giveaway.
  • Quick disassembly and reassembly by a single person to save time, labor and maximize production uptime
  • Heavy duty open conveyor design survives the rigors of everyday production, minimizing harborage areas for efficient and effective cleaning routines without sacrificing machine durability
  • Unique tension release system for quick belt removal; reinstallation maintains critical belt tensioning and tracking settings
  • Open frame construction with sloped surfaces and no niches, reduces areas for standing water or material build-up to expedite sanitation cycles
  • Built to IP66 ingress protection standards to withstand thorough cleaning routines
  • Optional TraceServer™ software for enhanced data collection; statistics including count and reject by zone, mean value correction and giveaway calculations
  • Click here to see reject mechanisms for this x-ray machine.