Hartford Technologies – Eliminates The Potential For Human Error

The Challenge

Hartford Technologies manufactures ball bearings which are sold into the automotive industry to be used in steering columns. Ensuring that each bearing has the appropriate ball count is essential to prevent binding in the steering column.

The Solution

Eagle™ Pack 240 XE

Product inspection system helps Hartford Technologies meet customer expectations. Eagle’s ‘X-ray Inspection Eliminates The Potential For Human Error’ case study explains how to enhance quality control. The company replaced their manual inspectors with an Eagle™ Pack 240 XE x-ray inspection system. As the ball bearings pass through the x-ray machine, the number of balls inside each bearing is checked based on the requirements for each size bearing. Bearings containing too few or too many balls are then rejected from the production line and analyzed by the quality team for rework or disposal. In addition to providing an automated quality checkpoint, the case study shows how the x-ray system features a statistics package that monitors the amount of rejected bearings.