X-ray Machines

Eagle’s world-class x ray machines for food processing inspection provide unsurpassed foreign body contamination detection for metal, stone, glass shards, high density plastics or rubber and even bone fragments. Our x-ray technology for the food industry can also simultaneously perform numerous inline quality checks such as mass measurement, fill level or weight verification, component count, package integrity, as well as identify missing or damaged product. Eagle’s x-ray systems are built to comply with international safety regulations and suit many applications in a variety of packaging types for a wide range of industries.

Filter below by industry, packaging type or quality inspection requirement for a complete view of our x-ray inspection machines.

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    Eagle Pack 320 PRO x-ray inspection system for packaged food inspection

    Pack 320 PRO

    Inspection of products packaged in foil and metalized film as well as standard poly-wrapped products.

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    Pack 400 HC

    Inspection of products packaged in plastic containers, cartons/boxes, pouches, bags/sacks as well as trays and tubes;…

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    Eagle Pack 430 PRO x-ray inspection system

    Pack 430 PRO

    Inspection of mid-sized packaged products and multi-lane applications in the food and pharma industries, with multipl…

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    X-ray inspection for food quality assurance Eagle Pack 550 front view

    Pack 550 PRO

    Designed for x-ray inspection of food products packaged in large bags, pouches, cartons, thermoform trays and multipa…

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    Eagle Pack 720 PRO x-ray inspection system for food quality assurance

    Pack 720 PRO

    Ideal for x-ray inspection of small cases and multi-lane applications in the food and pharma industries, with optiona…

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    Eagle Pack 1000 PRO x-ray system for big packaged products

    Pack 1000 PRO

    The Eagle Pack 1000 PRO performs x-ray inspection of large boxes of multiple, individually-wrapped products in the fo…

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    Eagle Pipeline x-ray system for products inspected in pipe


    The Eagle Pipeline x-ray system inspects pumped products prior to packaging for contaminants such as metal, bone, sto…

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    Eagle QuadView X-ray system for tall rigid containers


    Ideal for glass-in-glass detection, it performs four-view detection coverage of glass bottles and jars alongside inli…

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    Eagle RMI3 x-ray system hygienic design red meat inspection

    RMI3 Series

    Specifically designed to operate in harsh wash-down environments and while ensuring quality product inspection and co…

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