PXT™ Detector de doble energía

Exclusive to Eagle Product Inspection, this radically enhanced dual energy technology has set a new standard for x-ray detection. The PXT™ detector offers significant proven performance for superior detection of bone and metal.
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Solución probada. Radicalmente mejorada.

PXT™ is a breakthrough food inspection technology that enables processors to obtain much higher resolution images and capture more detailed data about the product being inspected than has previously been possible. When these images are instantly processed, you’ll see an increase in detection accuracy and significantly reduced false reject rates.

Eagle x-ray machines equipped with PXT™ detection technology and SimulTask™ PRO provide the industry’s highest level of inline, automated bone and metal detection while simultaneously performing product quality and integrity checks. Eagle x-ray devices equipped with PXT™ technology can be run at stand-alone critical control points or networked to enable full process optimization and efficiency analysis.

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PXT proporciona una detección ósea superior, inferior a 1 mm en muchas aplicaciones, así como una detección de metales mejorada, con una reducción significativa de los falsos rechazos.

Aves de corral



PXT™ Beneficios

Seguridad inigualable de los productos

Calidad excepcional

Mejora de los procesos

Mayor versatilidad del sistema

Reducción de los costes de explotación

Detección sin precedentes

Menor número de falsos rechazos

Inspeccionar más y Detectar más con PXT™

As a pioneer in meat and poultry inspection, Eagle PI delivers advanced inline x-ray inspection and detection solutions. With Eagle’s new breakthrough PXT™ technology, processors can achieve superior product safety and assured food quality control, whilst benefiting from the lowest total cost of ownership.

For over 20 years Eagle’s expertise in single and dual energy technologies have been the proven standard in x-ray detection across the global food industry. Eagle’s newest PXT™ detector is the latest advancement for x-ray inspection. This technology offers significant proven performance for superior detection of bones and other contaminants for a wide range of poultry, seafood and meat applications.

1 mm

Poultry bone detection

.5 mm

Fish bone detection

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The combination of hygienically constructed equipment that stands up to the rigors of daily operation, while being powered by the most advanced inspection technologies available, provides the formula
for maximum uptime, safety standard compliance and quality assurance guarantees.

Detección sin precedentes

PXT™ is a breakthrough detector that delivers a quantum leap in x-ray inspection performance. The PXT™ detector captures more detailed usable data about the product being inspected than has previously been possible – providing the unmatched ability to detect metal and bone at different stages in your production process.

Reducir los falsos rechazos

The superior quality data from the PXT™ detector, when combined with Eagle’s SimulTask™ PRO advanced image analysis software, which uses the industry’s highest greyscale range of 0-65,535 values, creates the highest resolution image to significantly reduce false reject rates, leading to a new industry standard in detection accuracy.

Bajo coste total de propiedad

Easy to operate machines equipped with PXT™ increase uptime, improve efficiencies and line performance to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership. Suitable for fresh or frozen meat, Eagle offers hygienically designed machines for single and multiple lane inspection that ensure accurate detection and reliable results.

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