Plastic & Rubber Contamination Detection

All Eagle x-ray inspection systems are capable of detecting some plastics and rubbers.

However, Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology is often better suited to plastic detection, particularly in bulk and packaged food products like bags of mixed salad leaves, cereals, nuts and confectionery, all of which contain high variations in density.

Below are some featured x-ray inspection machines available for detecting plastic and rubber contaminants. View our complete range of product inspection solutions.


Bulk 540 PRO

The Eagle Bulk 540 PRO is designed for superior product handling and foreign contaminant detection of wet or dry bulk…

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Pack 430 PRO

Inspection of mid-sized packaged products and multi-lane applications in the food and pharma industries, with multipl…

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This is a compact version of the Tall PRO X, offering multiple x-ray inspection capabilities for high-speed canned, g…

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FA3 Series

The Eagle™ FA3 series x-ray systems analyze fat, protein and moisture content, provide accurate chemical lean and mas…

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