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May 2018

Packaging Europe

Eagle Product Inspection displays next-generation inspection solutions at IPACK-IMA and MEAT TECH fairs. Eagle will exhibit its newest range of...
Sep 2017
Eagle News-FoodOnline


By ensuring the safety and integrity of a wide range of bakery goods, an Eagle Product Inspection system provides superior...
Mar 2017
Eagle News-Packaging Digest

Packaging Digest

Two types of x-ray technology are used for food inspection today—single energy and dual energy. Some food processors believe that,...
Feb 2017
Eagle News-FoodOnline


Schuman Cheese Inc. processes more than 80 million pounds of cheese every year at its state-of-the-art facilities in Fairfield, New...
Jan 2017
Eagle News-National Provisioner

The National Provisioner

With demand outstripping production in many instances, the meat and poultry industry is increasingly required to drill down into its...
Jan 2017
Eagle News-Food Processing UK

Food Processing UK

Optimizing contamination detection in pipelines – Food manufacturers are increasingly looking for new ways to comply with ever more stringent...