Four Ways to Bank on Product Quality and Safety with X-ray Technology

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If a question were to come up about a particular product on your production line, you want to be able to find data and images as soon as possible, to settle a concern or determine if a recall is needed. But how can this be done? By combining the latest detection technologies with software that allows you to record and store product information and visuals, you can ensure quality assurance and back it up to a centralized database. 

As manufacturers face growing calls for traceability and product information among regulators, retail and foodservice customers and consumers themselves, having a strong track record for safety and quality now includes demonstrating it.

How can you gain better visibility of your products and processes with x-ray solutions? Here are four ways to get started.

1) Assess your current capabilities. What technologies do you have in place now that can inspect products and log or record that information? If you are relying on employees and paper, you likely have gaps in product detection and incomplete information due to human error.

2) Consider (or reconsider) the value of x-ray machines paired with powerful software. Think of it like a vault of valuables. You can rest easier knowing that not only have your products been inspected for hazardous contaminants and quality control checks, but also information on those products has been stored securely and is accessible if and when needed.

3) Review what’s new. At Eagle, we’re continually refining our technologies, including our advanced x-ray machines and software. One latest example that will be displayed at the upcoming IFFA event, the Eagle Pack 720 PRO equipped with our TraceServer™ software, that collects data from several machines and stores it in a centralized database. A barcode input allows for dynamic “on the fly” product switching without sacrificing throughput or speed. Also boosting efficiency is the system’s ability to provide custom production reports that can identify inefficiencies in both production and employee operation.

4) Focus on processes, products and people. X-ray detection systems and software provide insights into product quality and safety which can improve process efficiencies, but they can also identify potential worker issues. On a broader level, having an open mindset to the benefits of sharing information and images is important for all employees, as greater visibility will be expected going forward in the industry.

By taking these steps to more effectively capture, store and access product data and images with advanced x-ray inspection systems and software, manufacturers can improve product quality and safety and also gain higher productivity and efficiency. After all, as anyone in the manufacturing business knows all too well, precision is pivotal. That’s true for many processes, and it’s increasingly true for the ways in which operators record those processes.

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