Inline Fat Analyzer

Eagle Product Inspection has been the industry leader for inline fat analyzer technology for more than 15 years. Our fat analysis x-ray systems inspect 100% of throughput in real-time, providing fat measurement accuracy better than +/- 1 CL thanks to Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology. The fat analyzer technology works by measuring the amount of x-rays that are absorbed by fat and lean through the use of two specific x-ray energies.
Meat Inspection Vides

Unprecedented Fat Management

DEXA is an enhanced form of x-ray technology that is designed to discriminate between materials based on their atomic number. It enables real-time scanning of meat trimmings and ground beef for meat composition.

DEXA uses two energy spectrums to discriminate between high and low channel x-rays, as well as two detectors. The top detector is sensitive to lower energy (longer wavelength x-rays) and the bottom detector is sensitive to higher energy (shorter wavelength x-rays). This creates a combined detector array that is capable of sensing x-rays at two different groups of wavelengths or energies, thus constituting the “DEX” or “dual energy x-ray” part of DEXA.

Perfect For Industries

Eagle’s Fat Analyzer delivers precise measurements to +/- CL

Ground Products



Benefits for Slaughterhouses & Meat Processors

Mitigate product recall risk

Maximize boning yields

Sell product at a premium with lean verification

Pack to a target lean or point of lean

Eliminate fat claims and lean give away

Increase blend efficiencies

Ensure consistent texture and flavor profiles

Protect downstream equipment

Unrivaled Fat Analysis Technology

Inline fat analysis technology can play a critical role in helping meat processors manage fat in order to secure the best value and improve their bottom line. For slaughterhouses, fat control is driven by reduction of seen (and unseen) lean giveaway, as well as the costs associated with fat claims. For meat processors, it’s driven by recipe management, reformulation and efficiency.

Eagle’s fat analyzer technology is not limited to boneless, ground meat and is capable of inspecting all uncooked meat, whether fresh or frozen, bulk, blended or packaged in cartons, providing it’s devoid of other ingredients. Additionally, meat processors who rely on traditional laboratory CL testing methods can’t be certain of the accuracy of their fat control as they can’t measure 100% percent of their production.


Inline meat inspection

+/- 1CL

Fat/lean accuracy

DEXA Technology Fat Analyzer

Increase Efficiencies & Profit Margins

DEXA technology is unrivaled in performance when it comes to chemical lean accuracy and has proven to be indispensable for companies keen to improve their bottom line and become key players in the highly-competitive meat industry.

Maximize Boning Yields

Accurate CL increases profits by allowing slaughterhouses to sell product at a premium whether packing to a target lean or point of lean. It also eliminates fat claims and lean giveaway.

Increase Blend Efficiencies

Not only will DEXA reduce time and labor when creating a batch, it can act as incoming material verification and provide supplier analytics to help determine your preferred suppliers.

Brand Protection

Eagle fat analyzer technology helps to mitigate product recall risk by finding foreign contaminants. It also improves overall product quality from verifying product throughput weight to batch repeatability, ensuring consistent texture and flavor profiles for the end consumer.

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