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In addition to providing industry-leading technology and unparalleled reliability, Eagle Product Inspection provides highly-responsive support and x-ray food inspection services globally, through a network of partners, supported by a core team of regionally-based experts.

Our focus is on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  from installation to ongoing efficiency associated with operating x-ray systems. We strive to deliver a fast ROI, combined with low ongoing costs, to extend the lifetime value of the equipment.

Eagle PI services offer customer training, radiation emission safety checks, expert advice on local regulatory requirements, maintenance agreements and localized spares provision—all of which can be customized to suit manufacturers’ individual needs.

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Our highly responsive team of service professionals focuses on the total cost of ownership of your equipment–from installation to the ongoing efficiency associated with operating an Eagle system.


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Eagle Product Inspection offers outstanding service solutions for all your needs concerning the care and longevity of your x-ray and FA systems. Our reputation is built on providing robust and reliable x-ray inspection systems. We want to ensure that your machine performs to the highest standards, so we work with you to optimize every minute of uptime, as well as to guard against equipment breakdown, parts failure, and general wear and tear.

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Eagle Reach Remote Solutions

At Eagle, safety is first and foremost. When critical issues or mechanical faults arise, we have expert technicians to provide on-site and remote Eagle inspection services. While other companies have chosen not to offer an on-site option, the eagle team is well prepared with proper PPE and new, strict protocols for social distancing—always with your safety in mind.

And with Eagle’s 24/7/365 remote service, you know you will be covered.

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Quality customer care programs available from industry leading experts.

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