From a Machine to a Complete System

Easily integrate x-ray machines with your existing infeed or outfeed conveyors or reject systems, from air blast to push bar and much more. We can work directly with you or your preferred integrator to tailor the right solution that satisfies your individual requirements and applications.

Best-in-class physical machine design and software

Our x-ray machines are at the heart of a complete system solution. Technologies such as radically enhanced dual energy PXT™, combined with SimulTask™ PRO image analysis software, deliver the industry’s highest level of inline, automated bone and metal detection while simultaneously performing quality and product integrity checks. Our inline fat analysis machines inspect 100% of throughput for accurate fat measurments using DEXA technology

Eagle Product Inspection solutions for the food industry, including for red meat and poultry, can help processors optimize raw material use, comply with end-product specifications and maximize profits.

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Reliable and Accurate small bone and metal detection

Superior Product Quality

Exceptional imaging delivers the highest resolution, consistently delivering the detail you need.

Reliable & Repeatable Detection

Automating the ability to repeatedly detect the smallest of contaminants in meat and poultry products.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Maximum uptime and simplicity of operation for improved throughput to minimize total cost of operation.

Hygienic Design

Hygienically designed equipment reduces sanitation duties for increased uptime.

the heart of a Complete System

Eagle x-ray machines provide more reliable and consistent bone detection, contaminant detection and quality checks than manual inspection, resulting in consistent product quality. Integrated into a complete system on your production line, Eagle’s latest x-ray system, MAXIMIZER RMI, enhances product safety and quality at the lowest total cost of ownership.  MAXIMIZER RMI is purpose-built to effortlessly disassemble and assemble. The belt lifter feature on the infeed and return conveyors not only provides better access to the bed area and bottom of the belt, the conveyors can be lifted while running or stopped. 

And with Eagle’s breakthrough detector, PXT™, and SimulTask™ PRO image analysis software, bones as small as 1 mm in size can be detected and rejected from the line, reducing labor requirements while maximizing yields and profits.

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Precise recipe composition improves product quality

Recipe Management Systems enable processors to formulate meat recipes containing one, two or more meat types at different fat/lean levels. Installing a fat analysis (FA) system, as part of a complete recipe management solution, enables meat processors to create a batch of meat with a specific Chemical Lean (CL) at a target weight. By managing raw materials in such a precise way, our inline fat analysis technology can help sausage and burger manufacturers with blending control to accurately meet a recipe target, ensuring products are consistent and contaminant free.

Capitalize on your products true value

Installing an Eagle fat measurement solution with a trim management system allows slaughterhouses to accurately analyze the Chemical Lean (CL) ratio of red meat and manage beef and pork trim into batches of a pre-determined target fat percentage. Trim Management systems allow accurate packing of either plastic crates, cartons or combos to a predetermined CL target and weight target. The system performs a real-time online simultaneous CL calculation and foreign object inspection. The system has 4 stations allocated to each target CL value to achieve the desired level accuracy.

Perfect for Industries

No matter how you slice it, grind it, package it, or transport it, we have inline inspection and fat analysis solutions for your processing challenges.

Red Meat



Trusted Partners. Reliable Solutions.

Eagle is a trust worthy brand, committed to building technology and industry inspection equipment with integrity. We have proven success in various industries with developed expertise with meat, poultry and seafood solutions providing reliable and repeatable results. We don’t just sell machines; we build lasting relationships to ensure your customer base is well served.

Industry Resources

Red Meat

Red Meat Inspection [Re]defined

Eagle [Re]defines the probablity of detection for red meat with the highest results for the widest range of applications.

PXT™ – Radically Enhanced Bone Detection for Poultry

From incoming raw materials to deboned products, PXT™ delivers unmatched contaminant bone detection for poultry processors.

Advanced X-ray Capabilities for Seafood Inspection

Find smaller contaminants of bone, shell and metal with Eagle’s advanced seafood inspection x-ray solutions.

RMI 400 – Features & Belt Removal

See how fast belt removal is on the RMI 400 and learn about other easy-to-use features in this machine demonstration.

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