Seafood X-ray Inspection System

To overcome today’s food quality assurance challenges and meet the highest quality standards, seafood processors need trusted, detailed information at every inspection point to help make better, faster decisions.

Advanced seafood x-ray inspection systems from Eagle PI, including our enhanced dual energy PXT™ detector technologies, help seafood manufacturers inspect and detect more during fish processing to ensure you are delivering superior quality control in the food industry while optimizing your business performance.
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Catch and Remove Contaminants


Keeping your products safe from potential hazards and preventing recalls is essential during fish processing. Catch and remove contaminants on the fish production line before they pose problems with our Eagle x-ray fish inspection systems. Our advanced seafood processing solutions reliably detect fish bones and other foreign bodies such as hooks, blades, shells, hard or sharp objects, wire, staples, metal shavings and more across a wide variety of seafood applications.

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Unparalleled inspection to meet today’s seafood quality standards

Seafood Inspection Selecting the Right X-ray Inspection System

Product Testing
Canned Fish
Frozen Fish Blocks
Frozen Fish Fillet
Salmon Ready Meal
Tuna in Pouches
Product Testing

Product Testing



Canned Fish

Canned Fish

Frozen Fish Blocks

Frozen Fish Blocks

Product Testing

Frozen Fish Fillet

Salmon Ready Meal

Salmon Ready Meal

Tuna in Pouches

Tuna in Pouches

Powerful Seafood Inspection Equipment

Superior contaminant detection down to the smallest foreign objects

High-value technology designed to provide in-depth visibility and data

Hygienic fish processing machines with unmatched ability to withstand the rigors of seafood production environments

Unparalleled quality inspection and proven reliability

Flexible seafood processing solutions that are easy to operate and maintain

Complete confidence with highly-skilled training and support

Seamless inspection provides consistent product quality, reduced waste and enhanced yield

Versatile designs to inspect a wide array of seafood products and packages

Sensitivity is not affected by freeze/thaw conditions

Superior Technology Reliable Results

In addition to providing industry-leading technology and unparalleled reliability for seafood inspection, Eagle experts focus on the total cost of ownership involved with the installation and ongoing efficiency associated with operating an x-ray system. Our approach is to deliver a fast ROI, combined with low ongoing costs, to extend the lifetime value of the equipment.

SimulTask™ PRO

Superior image analysis software


Radically enhanced dual energy inspection

Service Support

Support programs that focus on Low total cost of ownership

Cast a bigger net across All your seafood applications

Eagle x-ray food inspection systems are versatile and designed to inspect a wide array of seafood packages and products, while simultaneously conducting product quality checks during fish processing such as weight verification, missing items, fill level, and package integrity. Eagle x-ray detection technologies can help you deliver the best possible quality.

Cast a bigger net across all your seafood applications

X-ray Inspection System Capabilities

Contaminant Detection

Superior foreign body detection that is not affected by freeze/thaw conditions. 

Bone Detection

PXT™ provides radically enhance fish bone detection, down to .5 mm.

Fill Level Inspection

Maintaining the correct fill level is crucial for product quality, customer satisfaction and your profit margin.

Package Integrity

A vital quality control issue, manufacturers can identify and reject deformed seafood packaging with x-ray inspection.

Mass Measurement

Overall weight and zone verification with x-ray technology is an extremely accurate process control layer to ensure high-quality products.

Component Count

Reliably ensure all components are placed in a package and identify missing items using x-ray inspection.


Dure Foods – Quality Assurance Guaranteed with X-ray Inspection Technology
Iglo Food Group
Edesia Trusts X-ray Inspection Systems for Ready-to-use Foods
Giannone Poultry
Ken’s Foods – Foil Packaging Is No Obstacle To X-ray Inspection
Higos El Pajarero
“By improving our quality control, the Pack 240 PRO has helped us stay BRCGS certified on this line which helps us bestow confidence to our customers that products leaving our premises are manufactured according to the highest food safety standards.”
Mr. Tim Laberge Plant Manager
“We were very impressed with Eagle’s on-site service. The team adjusted the equipment to meet our needs perfectly.”
Mr. Arno Strotmann Project Manager
“The x-ray’s software program is very intuitive. It’s simple to set up and program. I learned a great deal from Eagle’s service department on how to run the machine and appreciate their know-how, availability 24/7 and professionalism.”
Tim Pheland Process Engineer
“The Eagle x-ray machine has resulted in a dramatic reduction of bones in our boneless products—basically down to zero. By purchasing a dual-lane system, we’re able to double our output, or run different products at the same time.”
Bruno Giannone Vice-President and CEO
“Going forward, any new inspection systems or upgrades to current inspection technologies will be x-ray inspection systems, they are extremely reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.”
Merrily Blasi Quality Assurance Manager
“Quality is key for us. Now, thanks to the Eagle™ Bulk 415 PRO we can totally say our products are contaminant free and we truly believe this will let us keep growing and exploring new markets.”
Mrs. Fuensanta Carrillo Sales and Marketing Manager, Higos El Pajarero

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PXT™ Bone Detection in Fish Fillets at Less Than .8 mm Thickness

The RMI 400 with PXT™ offers radically enhanced bone and metal detection in raw fish fillets.

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Advancing Technology – Product Inspection Solutions with a Broader Focus

Learn how Eagle is constantly challenging the norm by developing advanced technologies to secure points of detection on your line.

X-ray Inspection of Bulk Cooked Clams

The Eagle™ Pipeline excels at bulk clam inspection, detecting contaminants buried inside the meat of cooked clams.


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