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As a pioneer in meat and poultry inspection for over 20 years, Eagle Product Inspection delivers advanced inline x-ray food inspection solutions for a variety of products to help poultry manufacturers attain superior product safety and assured quality control in the food industry, all while benefiting from the lowest total cost of ownership in the poultry processing industry.  

From raw chicken x ray inspection, breasts or tenderloins to turkey legs and thighs, Eagle x-ray machines for bone and metal detection can be installed at many different critical control points (CCPs) on your poultry plants production line, for enhanced safety, strengthened quality control and improved processes for either single or multilane processing lines.
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Driving Productivity to the MAX Maximizer RMI

Maximize inspection | Maximize throughput | Maximize profitability

MAXIMIZER RMI is the most advanced and efficient solution in the poultry market for raw material inspection, including chicken x ray food inspection. With its superior bone and metal detection capabilities, automated product reject management system, and small footprint, MAXIMIZER RMI drives productivity to the MAX, saving time and resources while maximizing product output. This system streamlines your production process by reducing false rejects and product waste, while minimizing operational challenges related to manual labor. MAXIMIZER RMI is purpose-built to effortlessly disassemble and assemble, without tools, in less than 3 minutes. It also features dual lanes that run up to 120 pieces per minute per lane, helping processors achieve higher throughput rates and maximize output.


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Inspection Points
Increase Production Efficiencies
Enhanced Dual Energy
Service & Support
Product Testing


Inspection Points

Increase Production Efficiencies

Enhanced Dual Energy

Service & Support

Product Testing

Meeting the Challenges of Poultry Inspection

Eagle’s x-ray food inspection solutions directly address poultry production variabilities for chicken inspection, enabling a poultry processor to isolate and manage critical control points on their chicken processing and other poultry processing lines. From receiving raw material, through further processing, to ready-to-ship packages, Eagle x-ray equipment reliably detects calcified bones and foreign bodies, like glass, metal, mineral stone and high-density plastics, while performing simultaneous quality checks such as weight measurement. This ensures the highest quality chicken x ray food inspection to build trust with your consumers.


Chicken X ray

Eagle’s Advanced X-ray Technologies & Software

SimulTask™ PRO
Enhanced Dual Energy
Dual Energy
Fat Analysis

SimulTask™ PRO


Enhanced Dual Energy

Dual Energy

Fat Analysis

Eagle Benefits

Unparalleled Detection

Unmatched ability to repeatedly detect the smallest bone fragments down to 1 mm in every chicken x ray inspection with enhanced dual energy technology.

Lower False Rejects

Accurate and reliable contaminant detection for chicken processors means less product rework resulting in reduced labor requirements.

Unmatched Versatility

For all forms of poultry meat inspection, from fresh or frozen, bulk flow to retail packages and from single to multilane processing lines.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Service and support packages that rein in surprise maintenance costs assures your x-ray system for poultry processing runs at peak performance over its lifetime.

Superior Return of Investment

Unrivalled product safety, exceptional quality, improved processes, enhanced system versatility and reduced operating costs.

Easy to Use Equipment

Poultry slaughterhouses and packers who supply to supermarkets and retailers can benefit from the combination of hygienically constructed equipment that is easy to disassemble and reassemble for maximum uptime.

Poultry Inspection Capabilities

Dual Energy Inspection

Enhances traditional x-ray inspection and allows for the detection of materials previously unseen by single energy x-ray.

Contaminant Detection

Superior foreign body detection (metal, stone, bone, glass and some rubber or plastic) regardless of size, shape or location within a product.

Bone Detection

Eagle’s enhanced dual energy detector, PXT™ provides superior poultry bone detection, down to .6 mm.

Fill Level Inspection

Maintaining the correct fill level is crucial for product quality, customer satisfaction and your profit margin.

Mass Measurement

Weight verification with x-ray technology is an extremely accurate process control layer to ensure high-quality products.

Package Integrity

A vital quality control issue, manufacturers can identify and reject deformed packages with x-ray inspection.

Component Count

Poultry slaughterhouses and packers who supply to supermarkets and retailers can benefit from the combination of hygienically constructed equipment that is easy to disassemble and reassemble for maximum uptime.


Built to stand the test of time, Eagle Product Inspection poultry processing solutions offer a broader array of options than any other manufacturer in the industry. From a machine to a complete system for poultry inspection, our equipment is designed to optimize raw material use, ensure regulatory compliance and maximize profits for your operation.

Industry-leading systems Reduce False Rejects to less than 3%

What Our Customer Say 3,000+ manufacturers around the world use our systems

Giannone Poultry
TSC Foods Ltd is Quality Assured
Thorntons – X-ray Inspection Equipment Assures Quality of Boxed Chocolates
Schuman Cheese
Ken’s Foods – Foil Packaging Is No Obstacle To X-ray Inspection
Higos El Pajarero
“The Eagle x-ray machine has resulted in a dramatic reduction of bones in our boneless products—basically down to zero. By purchasing a dual-lane system, we’re able to double our output, or run different products at the same time.”
Bruno Giannone Vice-President and CEO
“Working with Eagle is great. We get to know the people and they are always there to help out when we need them to. The service and response we get from them is first class.”
Shane Barrick TSC Area Manager
Our chocolate makers take real pride in all their creations and like to make sure every single chocolate sold is simply the best, and x-ray inspection is helping us to do this by ensuring that each product looks and tastes exactly as our customers expect.
Mr. Mark Campion, Thorntons Continuous Improvement Manager
“We chose Eagle’s Pack 430 PRO because of the machine’s software capabilities – in particular, the multitask features which offered more options, compared to competitors’ machines, such as checkweighing.”
Vincent Angiolillo VP Engineering and R&D Strategic Initiatives, Schuman Cheese, Inc.
“When first presented with the idea of inspecting our products using x-ray inspection systems, we doubted that it could help us to improve and assure the quality of their products; now it is a fundamental part inside of our system of quality”
Ramiro Espinoza Kowi’s Plant Director
“Going forward, any new inspection systems or upgrades to current inspection technologies will be x-ray inspection systems, they are extremely reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.”
Merrily Blasi Quality Assurance Manager
“Quality is key for us. Now, thanks to the Eagle™ Bulk 415 PRO we can totally say our products are contaminant free and we truly believe this will let us keep growing and exploring new markets.”
Mrs. Fuensanta Carrillo Sales and Marketing Manager, Higos El Pajarero

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