Dairy X-ray Inspection Solutions

Dairy producers face unique application challenges with many shapes, sizes, densities, and packaging for a variety of products.

Eagle’s advanced inspection systems help manufacturers inspect more, finding foreign contaminants and ensuring proper portioning, placement, weight and package integrity to deliver the safest, highest quality products.

Advanced Inspection for Every Production Stage

Eagle equipment helps ensure the safety and integrity of ingredients and products across all stages of the dairy production process. From bulk flow (loose) products that may be added to dairy, such as nuts, grains, dried fruits and cereals, to unpackaged and packaged products, our inspection systems can handle dairy applications including sliced, block, and shredded cheese, spreads, yogurt, milk, and milk powders, and more.

Read more about Eagle x-ray inspection solutions for safe and compliant products that will protect your brand and keep consumers safe.

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Inspect More Expect More

Superior contaminant detection not impacted by moisture or salinity

Machines conformant with 3-A Sanitary Standard 75-01

Exceptional compliance through increased visibility and data

Excellent quality inspection and proven reliability

High-value technology solutions that improve your TCO

Solutions that are easy to operate and maintain

Highly responsive training and support

Ensuring Product Safety and Integrity

In addition to providing intelligent proprietary software solutions that deliver unparalleled reliability, Eagle experts focus on the total cost of ownership associated with the ongoing efficiency associated with operating an x-ray system. Our approach is to deliver a fast ROI, combined with low ongoing costs, to extend the lifetime value of the equipment.

SimulTask™ PRO


Service Support

Helping You Meet Safety and Compliance Standards

Eagle offers a range of inline x-ray inspection solutions that meet the unique application challenges and needs of dairy manufacturers. These systems result in superior product quality, accuracy, consistency, and reliability, as well as reduced downtime and increased throughput. This all adds up to an overall lower cost of ownership.

Results-based solutions include a range of high-performing x-ray machines that ensure product safety and compliance for dairy products. We invite you to explore our technologies and solutions for the dairy industry.

EAGLE’S Capabilities

Contaminant Detection

Superior x-ray inspection technology provides outstanding detection of physical contaminants regardless of their size, shape or location within a product.

Dual Energy Inspection

Enhances traditional x-ray inspection and allows for the detection of materials previously unseen by single energy x-ray.

Mass Measurement

Mass and weight measurement with x-ray technology provides an additional layer of process control and due diligence to ensure a high-quality.

Component count

Ensuring proper component count with x-ray technology is quicker and far more reliable than other inspection methods because x-ray systems can look inside sealed packaging for verification.


Ensure voids within blocks of cheese are consistent sizes

Fill Level Inspection

– prevents under filling and overfilling with filler feedback for automatic adjustment.

Selecting the Right Solution

Product Testing
SimulTask™ PRO
Sour Cream
Cheese Blocks

Product Testing

SimulTask™ PRO



Sour Cream

Cheese Blocks

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