Fat Measurement Meat Inspection

Eagle’s fat measurement meat inspection equipment checks 100% of fresh and frozen meat, packaged or unpackaged, in real-time while simultaneously performing weight measurement and detecting contaminants. Fat measurement of meat provides precise chemical lean values (better than +/- 1 CL), ensuring the ‘specification you buy, is the specification you get’ while enabling vastly improved fat management.

  • For slaughterhouses, fat management focuses on reducing lean giveaway and costs associated with fat claims and shipping out-of-specification product resulting in higher yields and operating margins.
  • For grinders and other meat processors, it’s all about yield: ensuring on-specification purchased trim, precise recipe management and formulation, and elimination of rework resulting in consistent high quality meat products.

Benefits Fat Analysis Systems for Slaughterhouses and Packers


  • Achieve real-time results
  • Stop selling combos undervalue
  • Eliminate fat claims
  • Achieve combo targets without sorting/sampling
  • Ensure the safety of meat
  • Achieve ‘preferred supplier’ status with blue chip accounts

Benefits Fat Analysis Systems for Grinders and Meat Processors


  • Achieve real-time results
  • Verify purchased meat meets specifications and identify preferred suppliers
  • Improve batch throughput by eliminating rework and manual corrections
  • Enable advanced yield optimization and least cost formulation
  • Ensure product safety

The following x-ray systems are capable of inline fat measurement. Visit our FA solutions page for a full range of machines.

X-ray inspection and fat analysis red meat FA3 Series system

FA3 Series

The Eagle™ FA3 series x-ray systems analyze fat, protein and moisture content, provide accurate chemical lean and mas…

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Eagle RMI3 x-ray system hygienic design red meat inspection

RMI3 Series

Specifically designed to operate in harsh washdown environments and while ensuring quality product inspection and con…

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Eagle Remote Touchscreen red meat systems

Remote Touchscreen Console

Eagle’s Remote Touchscreen Console (RTC) enables remote operation of the FA3 series x-ray systems for contaminant det…

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Eagle Marquee Display Unit

Marquee Display Unit

Eagle’s Marquee Display Unit (MDU) provides a large bright display of measurement and x-ray inspection results from t…

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