Stockable Kits for Optimal Performance

Spare Parts Kits have been optimally configured to create stockable kits to minimize downtime when critical components wear or fail. Our goal is to make machine care as easy as possible by providing the right parts kits essential to maintain optimum performance of your Eagle x-ray system. Contact us to get a quote on a spare parts kit customized to your specific machine.

Spare Parts Kits

Here are go-to kit options for select x-ray inspection machines.

Pack Spare Part Kits

FA Spare Part Kits

Custom Kits

Best Fit for Your Production Needs

There is a lot to consider before purchasing an x-ray machine—from choosing the right supplier and finding the best fit for your production needs to post purchase care. And because it is a such a significant investment, just like your car, routine maintenance must be performed to ensure optimal performance for daily activity. Have a look at this infographic, which highlights the similarities between the two; comparing the importance of routine maintenance checks, buying a system that is fit for purpose, continual education or training and more!

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Eagle builds upon its best in class x-ray inspection service of offering 24/7 365 support to now provide remote service support solutions.

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Quality customer care programs available from industry leading experts.

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Find out why investing in service packages for your x-ray machine means better long-term results for both your production and bottom line.

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