Eagle TraceServer™ is a PC and network based software program that records valuable production data and machine status information from one or more of Eagle’s x-ray machines and consolidates it into a single centralized database.

A Powerful Tool to Unlock Vital Information

TraceServer™ is scalable to meet your company’s needs and can connect up to 32 Eagle x-ray machines at once, making product traceability effortless. TraceServer™ traceability technology seamlessly records the x-ray inspection processes, which in turn contributes to your ability to meet established internal quality standards. It can access data from customer-provided programs using standard SQL application interfaces, consolidating valuable information into one centralized database. By tracking production through every stage, this intelligent software provides companies with due-diligence capabilities to enhance product traceability and overall quality assurance.

Centralized Data Collection Program

The TraceServer™ Package contains the following components:

  • TraceServer™ Admin: An administrative application to configure the TraceServer™ , its dashboard delivers vital machine status indicators and log messages from multiple machines that can be viewed remotely by Operations, Maintenance and Quality personnel to ensure product traceability and quality standards.
  • TraceViewer™: A standard software application which enables users to print and export critical information from a centralized database.
  • PostgreSQL/MS-SQL: A centralized database management system used by TraceServer™ to store production data.

TraceServer™ Due-diligence Capabilities

Expanded product traceability

View, print and export queried data

Improve compliance and production process

Expandable to meet future needs

Implemented as a Windows service

Query product information including throughput, accepted and rejected counts

Can be set up for single or multi-lane operation

Remote monitoring

Recordable data includes: machine, lanes & products, batches, sub-batches or partitions, package/object data, reject reasons, images and values

Gather, Store and View Data and Reports

TraceViewer™ is a standard software application which enables users to query the TraceServer™ database to view, report and export data. The program can be installed either on the server where TraceServer™ is located or on a separate client PC. Multiple TraceViewer™ programs can be installed for accessing the data in a single TraceServer™ database thereby unlocking the available information to more users.

The TraceViewer™ user interface provides the user with a wealth of information in an easy to use format. Filters are available to deliver a focused view of data and results. The filter selections include: Machine, Lane, Product, Batch, Time Span, and Bar Code Number. Navigation tabs allow the user to switch views in order to quickly view system configuration and performance. Displayed information can be viewed by “Rejects Only”, “Accepts Only”, or “All Objects”. Further all rejected items are color coded in red shaded rows, with the type of reject listed for easy identification.


Eagle Machines can be connected


Centralized Database

EaglePI TraceServer Block

Improve Due-diligence Capabilities

TraceServer™ delivers fast, concise and accurate system and process data that is exportable to other programs.

Expanded Product Traceability

Enhance traceability and overall quality assurance with this intelligent software that consolidates valuable information into one centralized database.

Improve Compliance & Production Process

Has total transparency of data results with summary reports for improved processes and due diligence for HACCP compliance.

Expandable to Meet Future Needs

TraceServer™ base package connects up to three Eagle x-ray systems and is expandable with additional TraceServer™ extension modules to connect up to 32 machines to a single database allowing the system to keep up as your business grows.

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