August 1998

PID established under Heimann Systems

Developed the first x-ray system to utilize morphology technology.

Introduced simultaneous inspection of products for contaminants, defects and weight analysis through proprietary SimulTask™ Software


Purchased by Smiths Group PLC


Introduced first QuadView x-ray system

Designed for x-ray inspection of jars and bottles and ideal for glass-in-glass contaminant detection. As well as detecting physical contaminants, the x-ray system can simultaneously measure mass, count components and inspect seals and fill levels


Introduced MDX technology

Provides food processors with unprecedented contaminant detection capabilities


Introduced Fat Analysis

Food inspection technology, featuring DEXA, provides a non-invasive and highly-accurate inline method of measuring the chemical lean (CL) of meat trimmings and ground beef. FA systems are capable of inspecting 100% of throughput in real time and provide fat analysis within +/- 1CL.


Introduced Pack 240 XE

A cost-effective entry level x-ray inspection system, ideal for detecting contaminants in small packaged products


Introduced Pack 400 HC

With multiple inspection capabilities, the quality assurance system inspects packaged meat, poultry and dairy products for contaminants, while simultaneously measuring mass, inspecting seals and counting components


Partnered with Brazilian machinery distributor Schur

Enables Eagle to supply the latest x-ray technology systems to food and beverage manufacturers and meat processors in Brazil


New application and engineering centers in Tampa, Florida (US) and in Royston, Hertfordshire (UK)

Enables customers to see Eagle machines in action, test their products and work with engineers and x-ray experts to identify appropriate technology for their specific application. In addition, Eagle engineers and new product development teams use the centers as hubs for the continued production of innovative x-ray inspection solutions to address specific challenges within the food and beverage market.


Extended reach to China with a new sales and service presence

Enables Eagle to better serve the country’s fast-developing food manufacturing industry


Additions to existing sales teams in the US and service capabilities in Latin America

Ensures Eagle continue to support existing and new customers in 2013 and beyond


New R&D facility near Wiesbaden in Germany

Allows for the development and advancement of Eagle’s wide range of x-ray inspection systems

May 2013

Launch of new Eagle brand identity

Eagle has launched a new brand identity with a brand new logo and in the colors of grey and magenta

About Us

As pioneers in x-ray inspection technology, Eagle Product Inspection is enhancing the physical contamination detection and quality inspection capabilities of food and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.

Eagle, formerly known as Smiths Detection, was established in 1998 as a cooperative venture between experts in the product inspection field and the Smiths Group. When Smiths Detection was sold in 2011 the business was renamed into Eagle Product Inspection, after the original x-ray system product range from Smiths.

The period since 2011 has been one of robust growth for Eagle. Our market presence has expanded, our senior management team has strengthened and our product development capabilities have extended.

Newly-appointed compliance experts and specialist engineers continue to work closely with customers to design world-class product inspection systems, offering exceptional contaminant detection performance and quality assurance, to enable manufacturers to meet the growing demand for food safety and toughening compliance standards.

Our brand new state-of-the-art research and development (R&D) facility in Germany is allowing us to develop and advance our wide and innovative range of product inspection solutions, which include x-ray inspection, fat analysis and Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technologies.

On top of this, new application centers in Tampa, Florida (US), in Shanghai (China) and in Royston, Hertfordshire (UK) are enabling us to offer local support to existing and new customers.

Our Corporate Values


We are down-to-earth and pragmatic. We get the job done and make it easy for our customers.


We are friendly and professional people who act with integrity in everything that we do.


We strive to deliver the best product inspection technologies and services; and will continue to do so for years to come.


We have years of experience and we are keen to share it.


We are always looking for ways to develop and improve our products and services to meet our customers’ needs.