Drive Productivity to the Max

MAXIMIZER RMI is the most advanced and efficient solution in the poultry market for raw material inspection. With its superior bone and metal detection capabilities, automated product reject management system, and small footprint, MAXIMIZER RMI drives productivity to the MAX, saving time and resources while maximizing product output.

  • Maximize Product Safety & Quality with Precise Bone Detection
  • Streamline Production & Minimize Waste
  • Quick & Easy Sanitation
  • Accelerate Production & Boost Throughput

Proven Performance with X-ray Technology

Poultry Breasts
Fish Fillets
Red Meat

Poultry Breasts

Fish Fillets

Red Meat

Unmatched Performance

X-ray Technology for Bone Detection

What factors should you consider when selecting x-ray inspection technology? Learn the differences between single and dual energy technologies and the added benefit of PXT™ for bone detection.

Radically Enhanced Detection

PXT™ is the latest advancement for x-ray bone detection with an added layer to dual energy technology. It offers significant proven performance for superior detection of bones and other contaminants for a wide range of applications.

Unparalleled Bone Detection

Eagle’s bone detection solutions allow processors to isolate and manage critical control points on their processing lines. The combination of hygienically constructed equipment that stands up to the rigors of daily operation powered by the most advanced technologies, provides the formula for maximum uptime. All this with secured safety, compliance and food quality assurance – all backed with automated traceability.

bone detection

X-ray Technology Benefits

Product Accuracy



Reduced Downtime

Higher Throughput

Superior Product Quality

Lower Total Cost Ownership

Hygienic Design

Lower False Rejects

Radically Enhanced Detection

For over 20 years Eagle’s expertise in single and dual energy technologies have been the proven standard in x-ray detection across the global food industry. Now we’ve set a new standard for bone detection.

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