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Automation, Traceability and Remote Options: Advanced X-ray Inspection for a New Era of Food Safety

Watch Eagle’s industry experts as they discuss the food production landscape, challenges they’ve witnessed this past year, what they foresee for 2021 and the role automation will play in it. Find out first-hand how other food manufacturers have leveraged x-ray inspection equipment to meet increased demands for food safety and improved item-level traceability of products within their supply chains. You’ll also hear how Eagle is adapting to the market’s increased need for remote services starting from video group conferencing or remote product testing to virtual FATs and post purchase support.


Learn how x-ray inspection can help you tackle the latest challenges on your production line:

  • Inspect overage in volume at high line-speeds
  • Provide improved traceability from processing to packaging with faster and easier changeovers
  • Save time and money without sacrificing consistency, quality and safety
  • Easy over the line conveyor installation and a smaller footprint
  • Increased agility with its multiple quality control attributes
  • Ease of cleaning in harsh washdown environments
  • Reduced downtime and maximized uptime

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President, Plant Automation Group
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Advanced X-ray Inspection Solutions Library

Eagle offers advanced inline inspection solutions for food manufacturers to comply with food safety standards, automate and enhance contaminant detection, as well as quality assurance programs, improve end-to-end product traceability all while maximizing profits. Have a look at some of our resources below: