Eagle Product Inspection to Demonstrate Powerful Inspection and Software Capabilities, Including New Detector Technologies, at Interpack 2020

February 21, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), Interpack has been postponed and will now take place from 25 February to 03 March 2021.

At the upcoming Interpack Processing and Packaging show, from 7 to 13 May at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre, Eagle Product Inspection will showcase in Hall 11, Stand G73 several of its latest inspection technologies, spanning from advanced machine designs to new next-generation MDX dual energy and intelligent software that help manufacturers produce safe, high quality products.

“We’re demonstrating 15 different applications across five segments of food manufacturing. Versatility with consistent and reliable inspection performance is a priority for manufacturers and they will be able to see these demonstrated firsthand,” says Christy Draus, Marketing Manager for Eagle Product Inspection.

Eagle’s advanced inspection systems will be highlighted at Interpack: the Eagle EPX100, Eagle QuadView Short and Eagle Pack 400 HC featuring new, next-generation dual energy detector technologies. The ability of these systems to find and reject contaminants and perform key quality checks will be shown for several industry segments. “Whether it’s checking pies for pieces of metal or determining if clips in chub packages are present and in the right place, these systems reflect the power and capability of new technologies, including the most recently-developed technologies on the Eagle Pack 400 HC,” says Draus.

As the Interpack demonstrations will reveal, the performance of advanced x-ray systems is all-encompassing. For example, the new next-generation dual energy (MDX) technology on the Eagle Pack 400 can detect smaller bone fragments with a 99% accuracy rate. “This innovation lies in new detector configurations combined with advanced algorithmic designs for repeated and highly reliable detection performance,” Draus explains.

In this breakthrough technology, the MDX dual energy measures the ratio of two different sets of x-ray energies passing through the product to differentiate between organic and inorganic materials, more effective than single energy technologies that may not be able to detect dense foreign bodies in dense products. At the same time, new advanced image analysis software, Eagle’s SimulTask™ PRO, offers the highest greyscale values in the industry, up to 65,535, to enable users to discern subtle differences in contrast for the best detection results on the market. SimulTask™ PRO software can be customized for each specific application and product.

The construction of the machines mirrors the technology improvements. The system features a robust physical cabinet design and tube and detector configurations created for today’s challenging food and beverage manufacturing environments.

“Ultimately, this combination of design and software helps manufacturers get results by improving product safety, quality and traceability in a cost-effective way that is also in line with today’s regulations and standards,” explains Draus.

For more details on how to inspect more and detect more at Interpack Hall 11, Stand G73, visit https://www.eaglepi.com/blog/x-ray-inspection-applications-at-interpack-2020/.