Eagle: Major International Player in Inline Product Inspection to Exhibit At Sino-Pack 2016

March 3, 2016

Guangzhou, China, March 2, 2016 – Eagle Product Inspection, a world-leader in inline x-ray inspection technology, is demonstrating its products’ capabilities for the first time at Sino-Pack 2016 – a leading exhibition for the packaging machinery and materials markets. Experts from Eagle will be demonstrating advanced x-ray inspection technology and metal detectors ideal for medium sized packaged products such as snacks and baked goods at stand 11.1C341

With the recent changes to the Food Safety Law (FSL) and food safety regulatory framework in China – which now imposes criminal liability for unsafe food – product inspection is a must-have element for food producers that trade nationally and export to the world food market. Eagle is a leading food safety partner, and has both the expertise and product range available to ensure rigorous compliance whilst safeguarding brand integrity. Visitors to the stand will be able to view the following technologies:

– Eagle ™ Pack 430 PRO

This advanced inline x-ray inspection system has already proven popular in China, and inspects standard, poly-wrapped products as well as food packaged in metalized film or foil. It features multiple inline inspection capabilities, such as mass measurement, seal inspection and component counts, in addition to its primary function – superior detection of physical contaminants such as; glass shards, metal fragments, mineral stone, dense plastic and rubber components and calcified bone.

– Eagle™ H-Series Metal Detector

The H-Series metal detector from Eagle provides superior detection and automatic rejection of all metal contaminants, including ferrous, non-ferrous, magnetic and non-magnetic steels. It is capable of inspecting products in a wide variety of packaging types, including plastic containers, cartons/boxes, pouches, bags/sacks, trays and tubes.

Sean Geng, Channel Manager at Eagle Product Inspection, says: “This is an exciting time for food safety in China, as the government continues to push for enhanced protection for consumers. Eagle systems are the benchmark for product inspection, which is vital to ensuring the products manufacturers produce are free of contaminants. Allowing contaminated items to reach the retail supply chain has serious implications, financially, legally and in terms of brand reputation. We are here to ensure our customers are safeguarded against such occurrences and hope to share our knowledge with the wider industry here at Sino-Pack over the coming days.”

Information on a wide range of Eagle’s product inspection systems are available at the stand (11.1C341) – including the Bulk 415 PRO, which maximizes contaminant removal for dry bulk product applications such as nuts and cereals, and the Tall PRO XSDV, which is designed for the inspection of high-speed can, jar, bottle and composite lines.  Eagle experts will be on-hand to advise visitors on which product inspection solution is best suited to their facilities and also to talk to suitable channel partners that wish to collaborate in the market.


Sean Geng, Channel Manager, Eagle Product Inspection

As Channel Manager for Eagle Product Inspection in China, Sean Geng is responsible for driving sales and raising awareness of product inspection technologies within the manufacturing community in the region. Sean has close to 10 years’ experience in technical equipment sales, having previously worked as a Territory Manager for TA Instruments and later as a Sales Manager at ThermoFisher Scientific. His technical expertise is complemented by an in-depth understanding of the composition of food manufacturing contaminants. Having attended the University of Science and Technology in China, Sean graduated with a major in Inorganic Chemistry. He joined Eagle in July 2015.