Eagle to Soar Into ProPak Asia with Advanced Food Safety Solutions

March 22, 2015

For first time in South-East Asia, Eagle Production Inspection to showcase its x-ray and metal detection solutions at ProPak Asia 2015 as growing regional response to food safety

 Bangkok, Thailand, March 2015 – As harmonization of food controls and product inspection across ASEAN markets strengthens[1], Eagle Product Inspection (Eagle) is set to introduce five of its product inspection innovations designed for food safety compliance at ProPak Asia 2015, Bangkok, Thailand (June 17-20, 2015) on Stand 5C41. With the marked growth of packaged food across ASEAN markets[2] and adherence with Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point (HACCP) methodology becoming more important to secure intra-ASEAN trade deals, integrating product inspection technologies is vital to future export success.

“We are experiencing a growing demand from ASEAN manufacturers and suppliers for inspection equipment in order for them to supply both local retail and regional export markets,” said Somchai Chakornsiri, Head Eagle Product Inspection Asia-Pacific. “International exporting has become more complex with US and European food safety regulations tightening around processing safety. With food exports to the US and the EU reaching $4.2 billion [3] and $12.7 billion[4], respectively, from ASEAN countries in 2013, compliance to export is only possible with a credible product inspection program delivered by advanced quality assurance technology, such as x-ray or metal detection.”

Among the innovations to be introduced to the South East Asian market is the Eagle™ H-Series Metal Detector, which focuses on detection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants, offering exceptional levels of sensitivity with added stability. Also displayed at ProPak Asia will be the recently launched Eagle™ Tall PRO XSDV, a dual view x-ray system designed to provide 100 percent inspection of rigid and glass containers, capable of detecting physical contaminants up to 50 percent smaller than traditional machines. Eagle will showcase its Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology, an innovative dual energy technology, designed to identify physical contaminants using the materials chemical composition to overcome traditionally busy and crowded x-ray images, produced by products of multiple consistencies such as mixed bags of nuts. For manufacturers in need of a mid-size product inspection solution that does not compromise throughput the Eagle™ Pack 430 PRO will be displayed. Finally, Eagle will present its SimulTask™ image analysis software, integral to all Eagle’s x-ray inspection machines the technology enhances productivity, reduces downtime and helps manufacturers comply with HACCP principles.

At the show, Eagle will exhibit its most recent innovations for food safety and quality paired with the Eagle experts who have contributed to the long standing success and history of designing and developing reliable inspection solutions used around the globe. Chakornsiri and the Eagle team will be on site to share their experience and knowledge on metal detection and x-ray solutions for food manufacturers working with ready meals, bulk products, produce, bakery and dairy foods both packaged and unpackaged.

Technologies to be showcased at ProPak Asia 2015:

  • Eagle™ Tall PRO XSDV

ASEAN manufacturers are familiar to working with cans and bottles as primary packaging for processed food, particularly for domestic markets. Thanks to its dual view detection capability, hard to examine places like the side ridges in cans, are easier to inspect with the Tall PRO XSDV. The machine was designed with efficiency in mind and can perform multiple quality checks in addition to inspection, such as seal integrity, all compacted within a slim line design.

  • Eagle™ Pack 430 PRO

With Asia fast becoming the largest market for flexible packaging[5], more manufacturers are looking for equipment that will inspect mid-sized packages and products such as packaged rice, frozen processed seafood and bags of savory crackers. The Pack 430 PRO performs superior contaminant detection, plus provides on screen self-diagnostics, full multi-lane and multi-view capabilities and dynamic belt speed adjustments.

  • Eagle™ H-Series Metal Detector

Sometimes metal is the only contaminant that a supplier contends with but that coupled with harsh processing conditions, presents unique challenges for inspection technology. As such, the H-Series Metal Detector is designed for all environments. It can be used to inspect dry and wet products in both packaged and unpackaged formats, offering manufacturers the flexibility they require.

  • Eagle™ MDX

With the relentless growth of snack foods across Asia, physical contamination detection of these complex foods becomes more significant for manufacturers as the density of a contaminant can be similar to the original nature of a product, resulting in false rejects. Using propriety software developed by Eagle that can be installed on x-ray inspection machines, MDX uses the chemical composition (atomic number) of a material to discriminate between physical contaminants and the original product, meaning previously undetectable contaminants can be removed from the production line.

  • Eagle SimulTask™

Eagle’s proprietary advanced image analysis software is the back-bone to all its x-ray technologies. SimulTask™ allows manufacturers to “set and forget” on the production line, boosts x-ray system capabilities and gives easy access to reports and statistics for trading compliance and, in the event of a product recall, to prove due diligence.

For more information, please visit www.eaglepi.com

All Eagle product inspection technologies – metal detection and x-ray – are capable of being network enabled allowing Eagle’s technicians to pre-schedule remote diagnostics, reducing maintenance downtime.

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