See Beyond Inspection with Eagle at Expo Pack Mexico 2012

June 1, 2012

Inaugural showcasing of Eagle’s advanced x-ray inspection systems in Latin America

Tampa, Florida, US, Eagle Product Inspection will demonstrate how its advanced x-ray inspection technologies have evolved to meet the changing needs of the food and beverage industries at Expo Pack Mexico 2012 in Mexico City (26-29 June), Booth 6710. Systems on display will include Eagle’s new Pack 240 XE, designed for small and medium sized enterprises and the Eagle Tall PRO XS, used for rigid container and bottle inspection. The Eagle team will also be available to discuss the latest Fat Analysis technology for meat manufacturers. With new forms of packaging being introduced, increasingly detailed retailer guidelines emerging for manufacturers to follow, and intensifying food safety regulations, compliance and traceability at every stage of a product’s life cycle are essential. Effective contaminant detection forms a key part of this, and at the show Eagle will be on hand to show how x-ray technology is meeting compliance demands.

Consumer demand is driving new trends in both food and packaging types, which bring unique product inspection challenges. The desire for multi-textured foods, such as bags of mixed salad leaves, is a growing trend. These products have many density levels resulting in a crowded x-ray image, making it difficult to detect contaminants. At Expo Pack Mexico 2012, Eagle will demonstrate an effective solution to this problem.  Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology, originally pioneered for use in the security sector, is able to discriminate materials by their chemical composition and allows the detection and rejection of historically undetectable inorganic contaminants such as glass shards, rocks, rubber and high density plastic, even within busy x-ray images.

Manufacturers are also continuously being challenged by the introduction of new types, sizes and shapes of packaging, such as fold-out cardboard sandwich packaging or flexible pouches. These can pose challenges to traditional product inspection, and visitors to Eagle’s booth will learn more about how x-ray technology enables the accurate analysis of these new shapes and materials.

With the need for improved traceability at every stage of production, product inspection equipment will need to be tailored to dually function as a management tool and food safety measure. Visitors to the Eagle booth will also be able to discover how Eagle’s inspection systems are able to perform a wide range of in-line quality checks such as verifying fill level, measuring headspace, and substantiating component presence and absence.