Cutting-edge Technology Revolutionizes the Inspection Process for Rigid Containers

April 4, 2024

Eagle Product Inspection Highlights the Tall PRO XSDV X-ray Machine

Eagle Product Inspection, a global leader in advanced inspection and product safety solutions, highlights its Tall PRO XSDV x-ray machine, a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing the inspection process for rigid containers. Specifically designed for tall, upright packaged products such as cans, PET bottles, glass jars, and more, it is ideal for use in the food and beverage, dairy, poultry, seafood, red meat, and fruit & vegetable industries. The Tall PRO XSDV ensures unparalleled inspection accuracy and product integrity.

Equipped with high-performance dual-view x-ray technology, the Tall PRO XSDV offers 100% inspection coverage for contaminants in rigid containers, delivering peace of mind to manufacturers and consumers alike. By analyzing and processing two images per container, this innovative system significantly enhances the probability of detecting even the most elusive contaminants, thereby safeguarding product quality and brand reputation.

Superior x-ray inspection technology provides outstanding detection of physical contaminants regardless of their size, shape, or location within a product. The state-of-the-art x-ray inspection system can process a wide range of container sizes and is capable of running multiple inspections at line rates in excess of 1000 PPM.  The compact footprint installs over existing conveyor lines for easy integration with limited space. Overall line efficiency is maximized with the Tall PRO XSDV by reducing jams and returned product caused by defected packaging. System features include mass measurement, fill level, verify component presence/absence and detect defects.

The Tall PRO XSDV features SimulTask™ PRO advanced imaging and processing software that provides high resolution and extraordinarily detailed x-ray images with the highest grayscale range from 0-65,535. The Eagle TraceServer™ x-ray software program records valuable production data and machine status information from one or more of Eagle’s x-ray machines and consolidates it into a single centralized database. Eagle Repository™ is supplied as a standard which provides a simple way of storing, viewing and transferring production information such as statistics, event logs, manually saved images and reject images to other devices for storage.