Poultry System

Eagle is experienced in providing x-ray inspection solutions for the poultry industry and we understand the different challenges inherent to it, especially regarding detection of bones. If you are interested in automating your poultry production line and want to improve processes with trim tables, infeed, reject and return facilities then a complete system might be the best solution.

Eagle’s x-ray machine is at the heart of any complete system providing more reliable and consistent bone detection, contaminant detection and quality checks than manual inspection, resulting in consistent product quality.

Whether we work with our preferred integrator or with yours, Eagle x-ray equipment integrated into a complete system on your production line enhances product safety and quality at the lowest total cost of ownership. With Eagle’s breakthrough detector technology, PXT™, and SimulTask™ PRO image analysis software, bones as small as 1 mm in size can be detected and rejected from the line, reducing labour requirements whilst maximizing yields and profits.

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  • Unparalleled detection with PXT™: automating the ability to reliably detect the smallest of bone fragments, down to 1 millimeter.
  • Lower false rejects: this means less product rework, resulting in reduced labor requirements.
  • Unmatched versatility: suitable for all forms of poultry, for fresh or frozen, bulk flow to retail packages and from single to multi-lane processing lines.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership: maximum uptime and simplicity of operation combine to improve throughput and minimize total cost of operation.
  • Optimized design to minimize material handling and product transfers to reduce product damage.
  • Modular designs for fast, error free assembly and deployment to minimize installation problems for faster implementation and shorter project timelines.
  • Heavy duty construction for operation in harsh environments, designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Separate raw product infeed and trimmed product outfeed conveyors eliminates the possibility of raw untrimmed product being sent further downstream.