Fat Analysis

Eagle Product Inspection is leading the way in fat analysis with our advanced x-ray technology.

Our fat analysis systems inspect 100% of throughput in real-time, providing fat measurement accuracy better than  +/- 1CL thanks to Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry technology. More commonly known as DEXA, this technology  is an enhanced form of x-ray inspection originally developed for use in the medical and security industries.

Unlike standard x-ray systems which use a single x-ray energy spectrum to scan products, DEXA technology uses two energy spectrums to discriminate between high and low energy x-rays. A patented software algorithm uses the differential x-ray energy absorbance of these two energies by the meat to determine the fat content.

Different from other methods of fat analysis and CL testing, Eagle FA systems are not limited to boneless, ground meat and are capable of inspecting all forms of meat – whether fresh or frozen, hot-boned, loose bulk or frozen blocks, vacuum-packed or packaged in cartons, or conveyed in plastic crates.

In addition to fat analysis, Eagle FA systems simultaneously measure weight (critical for batch and recipe management) and perform x-ray inspection of meat for a wide range of physical contaminants including metal, glass, stone and calcified bone. Eagle also offers a variety of industry-standard data communications options, including OPC UA and Ethernet/IP to enable easy integration of Eagle FA systems with factory floor controls and other automation and data systems.