Eagle Product Inspection is a pioneer of x-ray inspection for food manufacturers and inline fat analysis for meat processors. We help our customers increase efficiencies and facilitate compliance with food safety standards. You don’t have to take our word for it. Read below what some of our customers are saying about us!



TSC Foods

Working with Eagle is great. We get to know the people and they are always there to help out when we need them to. The service and response we get from them is first class.” Shane Barrick, Area Manager.


Lone Star Beef

Thanks to the Eagle FA system we’re able to supply a premium product to our grinders at the pace required to stay ahead of the game.” Brent Smith, Vice President of Sales.



Ken’s Foods

In addition to product savings and increased detection capabilities, the Quality Control Department uses the x-ray systems as a critical control point in our HACCP program.” Mark Shaye, Senior Project Engineer.


We already had three Eagle x-ray systems, the first of which was installed in 2007 and we were extremely pleased with all three systems, as well as the customer service we’d received from Eagle.” Mark Campion, Continuous Improvement Manager.


Johnsonville Sausage

We are constantly amazed by the consistency and reliability in the Eagle product line to detect and reject small contaminants.” Erik Larson, Project Engineer.


Iglo Foods Group

The easy and quick changeover of inspection parameters between products increased efficiency and allowed us to meet the highest food safety standards.” Arno Strotmann, Project Manager.