Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit and vegetable manufacturers face many inspection challenges as dangerous contaminants can be introduced anytime from harvesting through the processing stage. Whether it’s detecting glass fragments in glass jars of jelly, finding a piece of plastic in a frozen bag of corn or discovering metal in the crown of a jar of pickled vegetables, Eagle x-ray systems provide outstanding detection of physical contaminants.

Fruit and vegetable x-ray inspection is even easier with Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX). This advanced technology distinguishes harmful contaminants from good product even when they share similar physical characteristics and densities through an easy-to-read dual energy x-ray image. Eagle systems can also simultaneously check fill level, verify weight and ensure packaging integrity like making sure a metal lid is placed correctly.

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Application example: X-ray inspection of potatoes – MDX Technology easily detects hard to find contaminants for aluminum, low mineral glass, golf ball core series, stainless steel, stainless steel needles and a whole golf ball.X-ray inspection of potatoes

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