SimulTask™ PRO – Superior X-ray Image Analysis Software for Fruit and Vegetable Inspection

SimulTask™ PRO is an advanced x-ray imaging analysis software for fruit and vegetable inspection that provides superior contaminant detection and other quality checks for multiple application types including:

  • Contaminant detection for glass, metal or stone found in challenging crevasses of tall rigid containers
  • Identifying voids or hollow hearts in bulk potatoes
  • Fill level verification for fruits and vegetables in tins or jars
  • Component count for salad kit inclusions
  • Metal lid detection for glass jars
  • And more!

By combining SimulTask™ PRO with best-in-class physical machine design and the generator and detector configuration to meet your detection needs, you get the best solution for superior x-ray inspection results for your fruit and vegetable line. Download the brochure to find out how.