X-ray Inspection of Bread Loaves

The Challenge

Bagged bread is a staple of everyday consumption, however ensuring that each individual bread loaf meets customer standards is no small task.  Bread manufacturers confront numerous challenges on their production line that must be overcome to ensure high quality standards.

  • Detecting foreign body contaminants after bags have been sealed
  • Verifying accurate weight of each bag
  • Identifying voids within packaged loaves
  • Ensure each bag is properly closed with a wire tie

The Solution

The x-ray system Eagle™ Pack 720 PRO inspects bread loaves in bags at high-line speeds and simultaneously performs multiple quality control checks to ensure the highest standard of excellence. It not only locates hidden contaminants such as metal fragments, mineral stone and glass shards, but also identifies bread loaves with voids, verifies accurate weight and ensures package integrity.

Read the full application note for complete inspection details.