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Soup Cans

Food & Beverage

X-ray unaffected by metal packaging

The Challenge

Soup cans are one of the most common forms of packaged foods and to many consumers a staple of their everyday diet. Because of its long-lasting popularity, soup can manufacturers must overcome numerous quality control and food contamination obstacles before these products are distributed for mass consumption.

The Solution

The Eagle™ Tall PRO XS is capable of high line speed performance with superior detection of metal, glass, stone or rock and bone contaminants.

X-ray inspection of soup cans:

  • It is not affected by temperature, salinity or metal packaging
  • It can detect various contaminants found in inverted cans and reject them from the production line all at the same time.
  • Simultaneously performs quality control checks for fill level and weight verification for product sealed in rigid containers.

For more information about x-ray inspection of soup cans, please download this application note.

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