X-ray Inspection of Tuna in Metalized Pouches

The Challenge

Tuna packaging in metalized pouches makes it easier for consumers but manufacturers must overcome numerous quality issues before final distribution:

  • Identifying metal and other foreign body contaminants
  • Provide accurate weight of individual pouches

The Solution

Eagle Product Inspection advances the x-ray inspection of tuna fish. The Eagle™ Pack 320 PRO with SimulTask™ PRO imaging software can perform multiple quality control checks simultaneously and at high line speeds. This superior x-ray system easily locates contaminants such as glass, stone or calcified bone and, because x-ray technology can permeate metalized packaging, identifying metal contaminants is not an issue compared with other product inspection methods. In addition, the multi-functional machine can verify individual pouch weight reducing product giveaway.

For more information on x-ray inspection of tuna in metalized pouches and complete specifications, download the application note.