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Frozen Breaded Chicken Products

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Superior Detection with Sanitary X-ray Equipment

The Challenges

Poultry manufacturers face numerous challenges prior to delivering their final product to end users including:

  • Detecting small metal contaminants
  • Inconsistent product presentation
  • Identifying over or under weight packages
  • Material handling and product rejects

The Solution

The Eagle™ Pack 400 HC x-ray machine is built to sanitary design with IP69 ingress rating and performs multiple product inspection checks for frozen breaded chicken products. This advanced x-ray system is not affected by thaw conditions or moisture and is capable of high-speed imaging with superior inspection results. When equipped with a high-resolution detector the system delivers enhanced contaminant detection and weight verification.

The Eagle™ Pack 400 HC also features a reject solution with product separation for proper reject timing that further streamlines the production process.

Read the full application note for complete inspection details.

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