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Yogurt Cups in Cases

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X-ray Improves Production Efficiencies

The Challenge

Yogurt manufacturers must overcome varying hurdles to provide their customers with the highest yogurt quality and also to ensure their healthy on-the-go breakfast products meet customer expectations. The main challenges of inspecting yogurt cup cases include finding physical contaminants (especially metal through the foil lid), detecting missing yogurt cups that have already been cased and checking the fill level of each yogurt cup once it’s been overwrapped.

The Solution

Eagle x-ray food inspection systems are capable of performing simultaneous quality control checks such as detecting physical contamination of food, fill level verification, mass measurement for individual yogurt containers as well as overall case mass and locating missing items. In fact, the ability to see straight through the low density foil ensures a better view of contaminants such as metal or glass. Furthermore, the Eagle TraceServer™ data collection software allows manufacturers to collect and analyze feedback for x-ray systems and other SQL databases that help improve production line efficiencies. By overcoming these challenges, yogurt case manufacturers increase uptime and therefore higher throughput and profits.

Download to view the complete solution for yogurt cups in cases inspection.

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