SimulTask™ PRO – Superior X-ray Image Analysis Software for Dairy Inspection

SimulTask™ PRO is Eagle’s advanced x-ray image analysis software for dairy inspection. This intelligent technology uses advanced algorithms to perform greyscale analysis detecting subtle changes in product composition. This allows for multiple applications beyond just contaminant detection including:

  • Void detection in cheese blocks
  • Identifying missing or broken slices in packaged cheese
  • Locating trapped cheese in package seals
  • Fill level verification for yogurt cups
  • Component count for yogurt cases
  • Contaminant detection in dairy products for various metal fragments, screws and gaskets, as well as glass and stone
  • And more!

By combining SimulTask™ PRO with best-in-class physical machine design and the generator and detector configuration to meet your detection needs, you get the best solution for superior x-ray inspection results for your dairy line. Download the brochure to find out how.