Kowi – X-ray Inspection Provides Passport to New Business

Quality assurance system helps meat processor reach new markets. With the export market continuously demanding and expecting safe meat, Grupo Kowi, a fully-integrated pork producer in the Northwest of Mexico, was keen to find a product inspection system with a broad range of detection capabilities to enable it to continue to deliver quality meat at premium prices.

Eagle’s ‘X-ray Inspection Provides Passport to New Business for Kowi’ case study explains how installing an Eagle™ Pack 430 PRO quality control system has enabled the company to improve and assure the quality of their packaged products, which in turn has helped them to build strong business relationships with companies in key export locations.

In addition to providing metal, glass, stone, dense plastic and calcified bone detection, the x-ray system is simultaneously capable of measuring mass, inspecting fill levels, counting components and is multi-lane compatible, maximizing overall line efficiency.