Menz and Gasser – Quality Assurance Guaranteed

Menz and Gasser is committed to ensuring the highest quality of all its preserves, which it supplies in a variety of packaging formats to large retail chains, discount stores, cake and pastry shops, and national and international industries. However, when an important customer – an Italian supermarket – stipulated that the company had to use at least dual beam x-ray inspection technology, Menz and Gasser was forced to take action.

Eagle’s ‘Quality Assurance Guaranteed with Four-beam X-ray Inspection Technology’ case study explains how installing an Eagle™ QuadView x-ray inspection technology has helped Menz and Gasser demonstrate due diligence and ensure they meet the latest supermarket codes of practice benefiting from an advanced four-beam x-ray technology ideal to inspect glass-in-glass thanks to the four-view detection coverage.