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X-ray Inspection Guarantees Food Safety of Metalized Pouches for Molasses Manufacturer

Food & Beverage

Reputation Built on Quality Products

The Challenge

Crosby Molasses has built their long-lasting reputation on quality products. However, with the introduction of foil-lined pouches to their production lines, the molasses manufacturer realized they needed more than just metal detectors to inspect their products. To enhance the quality of their new product line, they wanted a product inspection system that could perform multiple quality checks while finding small metal contaminants.

The Solution

By replacing their metal detectors with the Eagle™ Pack 320 PRO, Crosby Molasses enhanced the quality control on their new production line of hot chocolate powder packaged in metalized pouches. The x-ray inspection systems are capable of performing simultaneous quality control checks such as package component count, foreign object detection and mass measurement for individual packages.

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