5 Reasons to Invest in X-ray Inspection for Quality Assurance

Food & Beverage
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Focusing on product safety and quality

Investing in an x-ray system isn’t simply choosing a piece of equipment; it’s about expanding your business opportunities, ensuring customer safety and getting the most for your money. There are five key motivators food manufacturers consider when deciding whether or not to invest in x-ray product inspection:

  1. Global safety compliance to gain preferred supplier status
  2. HACCP audit identified physical contaminants other than metal
  3. Product packaging, temperature and salinity considerations
  4. Limited line and floor space
  5. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

This eBook, ‘5 Reasons to Invest in X-ray Inspection for Quality Assurance’, explores and expands upon these five reasons that influence key decision makers’ choice for x-ray product inspection.

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