SimulTask™ PRO

Eagle’s SimulTask™ PRO image analysis software boosts product inspection capabilities on food and pharmaceutical manufacturing lines through enhanced contaminant detection and ease of use.

SimulTask™ PRO is the basis for all our operator-friendly x-ray inspection systems, with an intuitive auto-learn user interface that simplifies product set-up to facilitate changeover, reduce downtime and impart flexibility on the product inspection process.



Multi-lane and Multi-view Capabilities

SimulTask™ PRO allows the simultaneous x-ray inspection of different products, without the need for manual changeovers, minimizing wasted production time.

Fully-customized Interface

With SimulTask™ PRO, managers can easily access statistics and reports on inspected products while its verification tools assist compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles and global safety regulations.

Various Operator Login Levels

The software allows access rights only to designated users to prevent operator error and enhance security.

Enhance Productivity

The diagnostic capabilities of SimulTask™ PRO allow complete analysis and control of systems. Online visualization of the complete production line and its health status means interventions are planned rather than reactive, maximizing productivity.

Reduce Downtime

Color-coded tags and locations make it easier for operators to identify product defects, reducing downtime and increasing the quality of finished products.

Self Diagnostics

The SimulTask™ PRO tool, which is available on every Eagle x-ray machine, also provides on-screen self diagnostics for ease of maintenance and rigorous quality control.

X-ray inspection systems equipped with SimulTask™ PRO help manufacturers optimize their lines by performing functions other than just physical contaminant detection, reducing maintenance and operating costs by reducing equipment requirements. Furthermore, the software enables manufacturers to inspect products with complex density levels and in innovative pack styles with the high degree of reliability and flexibility required.