Eagle Optimizes Bulk Food Inspection with X-ray

April 2, 2015

April 2, 2015, Tampa, Florida – USA – Manufacturers can now benefit from enhanced contaminant detection, improved product handling, and streamlined maintenance for dry bulk foods with the new Eagle Bulk 415 PRO x-ray inspection system from Eagle Product Inspection. Featuring an innovative cupped conveyor and four-lane flap rejecter, the new system is ideal for production lines processing nuts, grains, granola, sugar, cereals, coffee and other high-volume bulk products. The Bulk 415 PRO maximizes contaminant removal while cutting product waste, as well as reducing downtime to boost line efficiency. To view the system, please visit: www.eaglepi.com/bulk415pro

Traditionally dry bulk foods have presented a challenge to manufacturers looking to minimize the risk of contaminants reaching end consumers. As the product is inspected in a loose flow prior to the packaging process, rather than discrete, uniform packs, it can be difficult for standard product inspection systems to identify contamination. In addition, standard single flap rejecters commonly found in these types of applications which cover the entire belt width can result in too much good product being removed along with contamination, increasing product waste.

The Bulk 415 PRO, however, features a cutting-edge cupped conveyor, the raised edges of which promote a more uniform product depth across the belt, as well as reducing waste by preventing product spilling onto the floor which can occur using conventional flat belt designs. This, combined with Eagle’s Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology, which discriminates materials by their chemical composition rather than relying on busy grey scale images, optimizes the detection of contaminants, from glass, metal and some plastics , to mineral stones and rocks. An innovative four-lane flap rejection mechanism, each covering one quarter of the belt, helps to ensure contamination is removed from the production process while keeping the ejection of good product to a minimum. This not only cuts the risk of substandard product reaching end consumers, but also reduces product waste, protecting profits and enhancing efficiency.

The Bulk 415 PRO also boasts a number of features designed to simplify care procedures for production line operatives and maximize production uptime. The conveyor belt can be easily removed and dismantled for cleaning and component replacement without the need for tools, while a hinged louver covering the conveyor assembly facilitates access for maintenance, minimizing downtime and boosting line productivity. A convenient belt tensioning lever system allows easy belt removal and tensioning, saving even more time for increased production uptime. Eagle’s proprietary SimulTask™ imaging software is included in the Bulk 415 PRO as standard. This offers powerful image analysis routines, on-screen diagnostics and safety system status visualization to facilitate data and machine condition monitoring for operators, helping them to identify and rectify adverse performance trends before they become an issue.

“In an increasingly globalized market, food manufacturers are under pressure both to ensure their products meet the most stringent standards of safety and quality to safeguard consumer wellbeing, but also to cut operating costs to protect profit margins and stay competitive,” explained Kyle Thomas, Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Manager at Eagle Product Inspection. “It’s imperative then that manufacturers have specialized tools available to them to ensure effective contaminant removal while minimizing waste and essential downtime. Technologies, such as the Eagle Bulk 415 PRO, can achieve this for bulk food manufacturers, maximizing line productivity and upholding optimum product quality, ultimately to protect their brand and market share.”