Eagle Serves Growing Momentum for Food Safety at Propack China 2015

July 15, 2015

Shanghai, China, July 15, 2015 – Food safety technology pioneer, Eagle Product Inspection (Eagle), showcased its advanced solutions at this year’s ProPak China, held in Shanghai, China on July 15-17 (Stand 5B30). With food safety a persistent area of concern for consumers, regulations pertaining to food and packaging have again been tightened for the third time in the past two years, dubbed by authorities as the “strictest in history”[1]. Stricter criminal penalties and the requirement for producers or traders to stop production and operational activities, if unsafe food is discovered in the market[2], means food manufacturers have a pressing need for reliable and efficient product inspection systems. With this in mind, Eagle has been providing consistent support to the market by designing advanced inspection technologies including x-ray and metal detection to guarantee product quality, protect the consumer from substandard food and avoid costly product recalls.

At ProPak China 2015, Eagle showcased the Eagle™ H-Series Metal Detector, a system that detects and removes ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants. The technology offers exceptional levels of product inspection sensitivity thereby facilitating a range of dry and wet products. In addition, visitors experienced a live demonstration of the Eagle™ Tall PRO XSDV, a dual view x-ray system designed to detect and remove a wide range of small contaminants, including calcified bone, glass, metal and high density plastics, located in rigid and glass containers. For manufacturers who require a system for mid-sized packaged products and multi-lane applications, the Eagle™ Pack 430 PRO was also present. This machine includes Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX), an innovative dual energy technology, which identifies physical contaminants using the materials chemical composition to overcome traditionally busy and crowded x-ray images, produced by products of multiple consistencies, such as mixed bags of nuts.

Along with the food industry’s rapid growth in China, the demand for safer food production has increased. With the complexity of food safety issues and diversity of the food supply chain, government bodies are continually revising and developing regulations, plus increasing the penalties for negligence. In order to remain competitive, food manufacturers have to adapt quickly to these changes,” commented Somchai Chakornsiri, Head of Asia Pacific, Eagle Product Inspection China. “With our experience in other mature markets, we bring in our latest and most technically advanced systems to assist manufacturers to comply with the regulations, ensuring that they meet both existing and new requirements. So far, our product inspection systems – adopted by small to large food manufacturers across the globe – have enabled companies to offer safe, quality assured products through the use of one compact machine.”

By exhibiting at ProPak China, Eagle has reinforced its long history of designing and supporting reliable product inspection solutions for the Asia-Pacific food industry. Always dedicated to continuous improvement in metal detection and x-ray inspection solutions, Somchai and the Eagle team work closely with producers and suppliers of food products to provide product inspection solutions that are tailored to not only meet the needs of global markets, but also specific production lines.

Eagle’s Quality Assured technologies at ProPak China 2015:

Eagle™ H-Series Metal Detector

Using multiple, ultra-high and tuned frequency combinations, the H-Series offers exceptional levels of detection sensitivity with exceptional stability and a robust construction. Metal detection solutions are used extensively in the food processing and packaging industries to safeguard consumers from the effects of metal contamination, and they also ensure quality control and manufacturing efficiency across a wide variety of wet and dry products in all formats – from packaged, conveyorised products to loose, unpackaged products.

Eagle™ Tall PRO XSDV

The Tall PRO XSDV’s dual side view detection coverage provides advanced product inspection capabilities by analyzing and processing two images per container, thereby improving significantly the probability of detecting hard to find contaminants. SimulTask™ PRO advanced imaging analysis software ensures full traceability in case of a product recall.All Eagle product inspection technologies – metal detection and x-ray – are capable of being network enabled allowing Eagle’s technicians to pre-schedule remote diagnostics, reducing maintenance downtime.

Eagle™ Pack 430 PRO

With Asia fast becoming the largest market for flexible packaging[3],  more manufacturers are looking for equipment that can inspect mid-sized packages and products such as packaged rice, frozen processed seafood and bags of savory crackers. The Pack 430 PRO performs superior contaminant detection, plus provides on screen self-diagnostics, full multi-lane and multi-view capabilities and dynamic belt speed adjustments.

Eagle™ MDX

With the relentless growth of the popularity of snack foods across Asia, physical contaminant detection of these complex foods becomes significant, as the density of a contaminant can be very similar to the original nature of a product, resulting in false rejects. MDX technology uses the chemical composition (atomic number) of a material to discriminate between physical contaminants and the original product, meaning previously undetectable contaminants can be removed from the production line.

All Eagle product inspection technologies – metal detection and x-ray – are capable of being network enabled allowing Eagle’s technicians to pre-schedule remote diagnostics, reducing maintenance downtime.

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