Eagle Spreads its Wings in Brazil with New Distributor

January 8, 2013

Partnership with Schur provides world-class x-ray inspection technology to Brazilian food manufacturers

Tampa, Florida, January 2013 – Eagle Product Inspection (Eagle) has partnered with Brazilian machinery distributor Schur to supply the latest x-ray technology systems to food and beverage manufacturers and meat processors in Brazil. As Brazil’s food exports are expected to increase significantly due to growing foreign demand, expanding production capabilities and the liberalization of trade barriers[1], more Brazilian businesses will need to comply with international food safety regulations by implementing inspection procedures. Eagle has partnered with Schur to provide Brazilian companies access to accurate and reliable x-ray product inspection systems for compliance with international regulations, critical for export operations.

Based in São Paulo, Schur is a leading distributor of equipment and packaging materials in Brazil and has strong relationships with food processors across the country’s five regions. “The partnership between Eagle and Schur brings together two long-standing companies with expertise in the handling, integration and servicing of equipment for the food manufacturing and meat processing industries,” said Sergio Sotres, Eagle Product Inspection’s Regional Sales Manager in South America and the Caribbean. “Thanks to this exclusive partnership, Schur will be able to supply the latest x-ray technology to its established customer base and new prospects in the food industry.”

As Brazil’s role in the global meat trade market grows in importance as one of the leading producers and exporters of beef, Brazilian meat processors increasingly need to implement inspection methods in their production lines in order to comply with international safety and hygiene regulations[2].  “Brazil’s food manufacturing market, including meat, dairy and grains, is growing every year. In 2013, for example, Brazil’s beef production is forecast to rise nearly 2 percent to a new record of almost 9.4 million tons thanks to strong domestic and foreign demand,” said Roberto W. Schur, Director at Schur. “Brazilian companies with x-ray product inspection systems in place are not only protecting their brands from costly recalls and ensuring the loyalty of their customers, but also are opening new markets for their products throughout exports by demonstrating adherence to global standards.”

Eagle x-ray inspection equipment detects and rejects foreign body contaminants including metal, glass, stone, bone, plastics and rubber in food products. Eagle Fat Analysis systems also offer specialized capabilities for the meat industry including the accurate measurement of chemical lean (CL) values, which helps manufacturers improve yield management and consistency of their products, reducing fat claims and lean giveaway.

Additionally, Eagle machines can help improve operational efficiencies at food processing plants by incorporating enhanced features that allow for quick changeovers in production lines. For example customizable image analysis software allows manufacturers to pre-program settings for a variety of products, easily altering inspection parameters dependent on the product on the line, without unnecessary downtime. Moreover, Eagle systems offer simple to clean designs, including features such as interlocked hinged louvers that can be easily operated and lifted, reducing the time dedicated to reassembly after cleaning procedures

[1] http://usda01.library.cornell.edu/usda/fas/livestock-poultry-ma//2000s/2007/livestock-poultry-ma-04-11-2007.pdf